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Everything in life comes down to CHOICES & CHANCES…it’s up to you to “Take them  or Leave them”.  Whether you are living, enjoying and finding your fulfillment really is your CHOICE if you are willing to take the CHANCE….You really can “CREATE THE LIFE YOU CAN’T WAIT TO LIVE”!

Who is this blog for?  EVERYONE…men, women, teens, sons, daughters, sisters, brothers, parents,  professionals, tradesman, entrepreneurs, stay at home moms…everyone who is trying to find a way to LIVE, LOVE and LAUGH through their days. 

Follow my blog as we discuss all aspects of life…from the day to day to the monumentous events that occur in all of our lives.  This is not a lot of “fluff”, it’s a place to “GET REAL” with our CHOICES & CHANCES and how we are responsible for what we have created in our lives!…and how we CAN change anything we want to leave our legacy the way we always dreamed!!

Join us weekly for our CHOICES & CHANCES radio show!  Get all details at www.blogtalkradio.com/pamela-glowski


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