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Time for an “N’T”-ectomy

“I can’t”, “I won’t”, “I couldn’t”, “I shouldn’t”, “I wouldn’t”, “I don’t”…

I realized today that what stands between most people and the realization of their goals, dreams, and aspirations is “N’T”. If we expand it to it’s full form, it’s the word NOT. As in “I can not”, “I will not”, “I could not”, “I shall not”, “I do not”.

Most road blocks or excuses that individuals throw into their own paths usually start with one of these phrases. Think about how many of them we use on a daily basis.

“I can’t get to the gym because…”, “I won’t be able to go to that seminar because…”, “I couldn’t get that book you told me about because my internet was down…”, “I shouldn’t stop making phone calls, but…”, “I wouldn’t want to bother anyone…”, “I don’t want to, I’m not comfortable…”

If in fact, we are not serious about reaching our goals, and the “N’T”‘s keep coming up, be honest with yourself, take the pressure off of yourself, and understand you really don’t want that goal, need that goal, or have any desire to achieve that goal…and create new goals.

If however, you are just not willing to remove the “N’T”‘s from your vocabulary, but you truly want to achieve your goals, you have officially found yourself at a cross roads. It’s impossible to tell yourself “you can’t”, “you won’t”, “you couldn’t”, “you shouldn’t”, or “you don’t” and reach your goals. Just like it’s not possible to SMILE and speak a negative statement. Or scowl and speak a positive statement. The brain is solid that way–positives can’t support negatives and negatives can’t support positives.

If you want to get positive, get results, reach your goals…it’s time of an “N’T”-ectomy! NOW!

If you are scared, doubtful, lacking confidence, it’s up to you to psyche yourself up! No one can do it for you. This is where your chatter in your head has to support you and what you are trying to achieve. Your thoughts and how they affect you, the rest of your team, your family, your income, can only be changed by and controlled by you.

Be quick to identify with what is causing you to want to throw in an “N’T”—put the feeling out there, then put a big, old, BUT before any “N’T”—watch what happens…”I am doubting my abilities right now, but I know I CAN…”–REPEAT…REPEAT…pretty soon, the first part of the sentence will get dropped, because you can’t believe you CAN and doubt at the same time. It takes practice and discipline…but doesn’t everything? Know your thoughts, know your beliefs, be conscious with your choice of words, then you will take your results to the next level.

How many times have the “N’T”‘s kept you from reaching your goals? Go back and see if you talked yourself out of your own success with just the “N’T”‘s…Practice removing them from your vocabulary starting NOW!

It’s the CHOICES that we make and the Chances that we take…even with one little word that can make all the difference in our world!